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Caracteristici specifice CAD, unelte 2D avansate si modelare inteligenta 3D

Interfaţa familiară 2D si 3D

The BricsCAD interface will make you feel right at home from the very beginning. Navigating through drawings becomes easier than ever, thanks to a distinctive ribbon. It’s the fastest way to access tools through our tabbed CAD interface.



Widget Look From

Easily change your view direction using the Look From widget. Just click the arrows surrounding the chair icon to manipulate the viewpoint.


Intelligent quad cursor

Speed things up with our context-sensitive Quad™ cursor.


Settings manager

The Settings Dialog reports and modifies the current value of all settings in your CAD interface. Sort settings alphabetically or by category (tree view). The instant search feature finds settings quickly and intuitively.

Drawing explorer

This is your drawing control center. From The Drawing Explorer you can see all your object definitions, and work with them across all your opened drawings. Browse through and view drawings in your favorite folders, or even insert blocks without ever opening the source drawing.Connect to your Chapoo account to share and manage your drawing projects in the cloud, and create and work with your projects sheet sets.


Detailed 2D Drafting

Create technical drawings, plans & layouts, annotate designs quickly.


Annotative Scales

Annotative scaling allows you to display and print models at the size you want. In a 2D drafting environment, you can scale entity types such as texts, hatches, tables, dimensions, tolerances and (multi)leaders.


Multi Leaders

Multi-line leaders quickly create many leaders using predefined properties saves as styles. You can annotate multileaders with text or blocks, or you can leave the annotation field empty. Additional formatting includes arrowheads, spline leaders and linetypes.


Dynamic dimensions

Dynamic dimensions interactively specify lengths and angles right on the screen, as entities are created and edited. The added level of detail facilitates your transition from 2D drafting to 3d modeling.



Use the new transparency effect to improve the look of your drawings, such as applying it to solid fills and other objects. BricsCAD lets you set the level of transparency, apply the property directly to objects, and assign transparency through layers.


Dynamic Arrays

Arrays are associative and dynamic. Create rectangular, polar, linear, path, and 3D arrays dynamically. Associativity means that when you edit one object, the changes are applied to all other objects in the array.


Web map services

The Map Connect function places maps from Web-based map services into drawings. One or more data layers can be selected for download, which are then inserted in drawings as images.

Modelare 3D directă

With BricsCAD, you get powerful and adaptive tools for 3D direct solid modeling using our geometric constraints solver. 3D direct modeling operations apply to all ACIS solid geometry, whether created in BricsCAD or imported.
Need to work on a complex design? BricsCAD’s direct editing capabilities preserve your 3D model’s design intent, helping you to save both time and headaches.



Surface entity creation

Start from 2D profiles, 3D curves, 3D solids, or imported parts and assemblies. Create complex parts with lofted bends or automatically recognize them in imported geometry.



Use BricsCAD’s new Loft command to create 3D solids by specifying cross section profiles. The cross sections define the shape of the solid.

Intelligent Quad cursor for easy CAD drawing

Speed up your workflow with the Quad™ cursor. With the redesigned context-sensitive cursor, easy CAD drawing is just a click away.



2D Drafting

The intelligent Quad cursor is an alternative to grip editing entities. While grip glyphs accumulate clutter, the Quad cursor, with its compact size, keeps your screen clean. It does come with a rich set of editing operations. And it’s intelligent: the Quad cursor knows in how many dimensions (2D or 3D) you are drawing and immediately adapts to show commands you need.

3D Modeling

The Quad cursor intuitively adjusts to 3D workflows. Features such as extruding faces with just one click improve easy drawing in CAD. You can also manipulate solids using the Quad’s options, such as subtract and push/pull.

Hotkey Assistant

When edge and face selection modes are active, the new Hotkey Assistant displays options available. Cycle through them by tapping the Ctrl key.

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